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Digital Verifiable Credentials

The future of training and credentialling starts here

What is a digital verifiable credential?

Digital Verifiable Credentials (VCs) are secure, cloud-based credentials that are far beyond a traditional certificate, digital badge, or PDF. They’re impossible to forge, falsify or alter.

Verifiable Credentials (VCs) are tamper-proof and independently verifiable credentials that use globally recognized W3C standards and rely on blockchain technology. They are trusted, real-time digital credentials that live in a digital wallet and can be viewed, managed and shared from anywhere.

Read more about W3C standards here.

Prevent Fraud
Increase Trust
Streamline Security
Increase Visibility
Enhance Portability
Foster Continuous Learning

How does it work?

VCs are issued by a training provider, and independently validated by a third-party verifier via secure blockchain technology. When a VC is issued to the credential holder, it is dated and time stamped. If necessary, the issuer can instantly revoke the credential at any time.

We Know Training is currently the only issuer of verifiable credentials-enabled training through its proprietary LMS. WKT works in partnership with Credivera for credential verification. Credivera is the world’s leading credential verifier via the Credivera Exchange, which optimizes personal privacy and trust with up-to-date verified credentials secured in a digital wallet.

As easy as 1, 2, 3!


A learner completes a training program (e.g.: a course)


They receive a digital verifiable credential, and save it to their digital wallet


They share their new VC with employers, recruiters, and beyond!

Traditional Digital Badges or Certificates

  • Displays the credential information
  • Not tamper-proof, easy to falsify or edit
  • Not created using secure technology, usually relied on simple JPGs, PNGs, or PDFs
  • Not designed to optimize portability, is usually saved to a desktop and takes time to retrieve and share
  • Not instantly verifiable, requires time-consuming phone calls and internet searches to verify
  • No process to revoke credential once it’s issued
  • No data privacy protections included

Digital Verifiable Credentials

  • Displays the credential information
  • Impossible to falsify or tamper with
  • Created using blockchain technology and adheres to globally-recognized W3C standards
  • Designed to optimize portability and live in a convenient digital wallet on your smartphone
  • Instantly verifiable
  • Credential can be instantly revoked by the issuer at any time
  • Meets a high standard of data privacy and security

Integrating VCs with an LMS

VCs are currently the leading edge of workplace credentialling — but very quickly, they will become the standard.

You can future-proof your training program by incorporating verifiable credentials today. The process is seamless, particularly when you use a VC-compatible LMS. Using an LMS with integrated VCs makes the entire process automatic, with no complicated integrations, no changes to your platform architecture, and zero extra work for your team.

Right now, We Know Training is the only LMS that offers integrated verifiable credentials.

Use Cases

How will verifiable credentials make our lives easier in the workplace? Here are just a few of countless potential use cases.

  • An association can grow its membership by offering PD courses with VCs that members can show current or prospective employers.
  • A real estate brokerage can instantly verify the licensing status of a potential new hire.
  • A factory can require employees to scan their training VC before a dangerous machine will power on for them.
  • A financial planner can instantly verify their designation with new clients.
  • A regulator can drastically reduce the time it takes to do a compliance audit by using instantly verifiable VCs.

Learn more about VCs and see it for yourself.

Sign up here to try our demo course (and earn your first VC).

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